Friday, October 3, 2008

Blog Features

Left Top Sidebar

  1. Followers – You can become a follower of the blog by signing in with your Google account or Open ID.
  2. Recent Visitors – You can leave your footprint when you are signed into your Google account
  3. Recommended Post – Beneath each post is a button that says “recommend” If you click on it, a link will appear in this section of the post you recommended, as long as the amount of other members that recommended it. Again you have to be signed into Google to do this.
  4. Top Commenters – The commenters who have commented the most are listed with the amount of comments they have left. Awards are given to the top Commenters at the blogversary.
  5. Recent Comments – a snippet of the latest comments left.

Left Bottom Sidebar

  1. Get Answers – here you can look at the FAQ’s of this blog. You can post answers or ask a question.
  2. Shared Items – These are links to interesting articles/media I have found on the web. It is constantly updated.
  3. Twitter – my twitter feed, with a button to follow my tweets.
  4. Twitpic updates – Pictures I have uploaded via twitpic.
  5. Never Done/Seen List – List of links to blog posts that have written about things I have never done or seen.
  6. Done – pictures proof of those items which I have completed.
  7. Books Bloggers recommend – links to posts where bloggers recommend books which I would like to check out.
  8. Digsby Chat – your way to communicate with me via chat.