Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Real Name v. Nickname

Most of you who read my blog already know my name. If I haven’t been in contact with you, then you may know it from a comment left in my other blog. In either case my name is one of those that can end with an “a” or a “y” or “ie” or “i” or “s”. Now the way it’s officially spelled on all documents with my name on it, is with an “A”.

So in school my name was registered with an “A” and I thought this had to do with a Jewish thing. That you’re supposed to write your proper name. So on all school papers, tests, everything I would write my name with an “A”. But I was always called with a “Y” at home and by friends. But in school since I spelled everything with an “A”, so that is what they called me by.

By some teachers I tried to tell them that I liked being called with a “y” better. But some would forget, and still call me with an “a”, it was frustrating, but I got used to it. Then there was one HS teacher that called every person with a “y” sound, no matter what their name was written as, so that worked out to my benefit, although I don’t think others appreciated that.

Then once I started seminary I had a brilliant plan, I was going to start writing my name with a “y” so that they will know that’s how I want to be called, so on all my papers I wrote with a "y” and it worked, and it made such a difference, I liked that name better.

In my first class in college, the professor told us to e-mail her something, me wanting to do the right thing, e-mailed her. So I e-mailed her about what my major is and a bunch of stuff about me, and I told her that I spell my name with an “a” but like to be called with a “y”, so then she understood and called me with a “y”.

When I sign my name in script I still write it out with an “a” because I’m so used to it. But with other stuff, papers, I’m getting used to writing a “y”.

How do you write your name? Do you write your full name? or the name your called by?


Der Shygetz said...


From which of my ninety trillion names are you askink? Depends from which welfare form!

Jessica said...

I scribble my full maiden name when I'm signing things. I never officially changed my name after I got married (because I didn't realize it was so easy). But, once I get a new, updated social security card I'll start using my full married name.

Der Shygetz said...


Actually, seriously, one English spelling of my first name is sort of official because it is on my websites and business documents (the one on Facebook) but I sign with another one. And if I use the official one when writing informally on the Web it can mess up my search engine placements. Then there is the matter of my legal name which one of my real life Creedmoorers hijacked to set up a blog that Google refuses to remove :(. I need to change my legal name officially in any case; may do it just in EY and leave it as it is in the US.

tembow said...

just the "a"
no english name

Mikeinmidwood said...

I always end mine with a "D", you cant really add any letters to it. If I had a daughter and her would be sarah, I would call her sarah and not suri or sorry or anyothe nickname; I find nicknames that end with y, ie, i, ee, very annoying.

Shimon said...

Well, this is more girlish stuff for making names sound kinder and nicer. For guys I think it doesn't happen that well. Anyway one girl is calling me Shimmy, although this reminds me of System of a Down song; also I know another girl who's jewish name is Shimmy so it is kind of awkward.
My mom often calls me Shim. Others mostly call me Shi'mon or Shimo'n, also some human beings make accent on the last letter, making it sound very long, i.e. Shimonnnn...
My previous boss used to call me Simon. After I quited that job I started refusing to be called this way up to aiming to throw something heavy into person calling me that way.

Can't recall any other names I've been called after I moved to US.

DavenedByDeKoisel said...

You know, "Y" is such a "CROOKED" letter(Yes,pun intended), because it robs us of our individuality. As Shimon stated in his comment "I started refusing to be called this way up to aiming to throw something heavy into person calling me that way". Shimon, just make sure that doesn't include actually throwing something, or you may get an unscheduled tour of the Prison system. ;-))

Shorty said...

my full name. in fact, i don't really like it shortened, "babied", changed or anything. just the way it was given to me on my birthday.

My best friends get away with calling me variations, but i let those go.

Moshe said...

Your name can end with an s?

Shimon, you know a girl formerly known as Shimmy, now she wants people to call her Chaya Shimmy or else. ;-)

I was once called Moses by a black guy at a construction site. That was weird.

Moshe said...

btw, what's a good nickname for Nochum?
Shlomo we're calling Shlomik, can't come up with anything for Nochum... :-(

Mike said...

Haha I had this same problem in college. I suddenly had to go from my nickname to my legal name (which is still a Hebrew name). On the first day someone asked me what my name was and I hesitated before answering because I had to remind myself of my new appellation. But now I'm used to it, I went from a "y" to an "ah" and my initials changed as well...
Even to the Jewish people in college I introduce myself by my legal name because it just makes life less confusing and it's not such a big deal.

Mike said...

Oh and Babysitter, I think I did that homework too ;) [is that the professor that you recommended to me?]

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Der Shygetz: Lol!

and yea, I never saw your name spelled the way you spell it.

Jessica: yea, I think I remember reading that in your note or post. I thought once you get a marriage liscense it automatically changes?

Although that reminds me, I heard that some people have no names on their birth certificates till this day or something.

Tembow: I almost wrote your real name by mistake, and then I caught myself.

I don't either have an English name. Though I thought it would be cool to have one.

MikeInMidwood: are you talking about your blog name? because I don't see how your real name ends with a D?

well Sara is different. But yes, I know some don't like the "eee" sound of it. It has a Jewish ring to it maybe.

Shimon: Your right, that's because guys call each other by their last names, so they don't have this issue. Although guys make nicknames out of last names.

Interesting. Funny how you didn't like being called Simon.

DavenedByDeKoisel: great reference, I had to read that over 2 times to get it though, lol.

And yea I understand what your saying about the loosing of individuality. Has to do with what I commented up there to MikeInMidwood.

Shorty: that's cool, I've heard of similar cases. Where people have one name they like and their friends will call them another and their ok with it because its their friends.

Moshe: yea, actually back in 2002 when I made a yahoo account, I had my signature as ****s. And that was to solve the dilema of not being sure if I should write an "a" or a "y". There's actually a girl who spells it with an "x" at the end!

lol, that's funny. But you know a lot of blacks have bibical names.

yea, I remember when I saw you call him Shlomik on the video, that was the first time I heard that variation.

Nochum you can call...I dunno. The only name that comes to mind is "Noach" cause that's my 2 year old's name. But I'm not sure if that comes from the name Nochum. There's also Nechemia, which might come from that name.

Mike:So in HS you were registered with a "y"? And that's funny, cause your e-mail address says with a "ah" so that's what I thought your name was. So when I asked if people knew you, they were like, "o, you mean 'y'" so then I chapped that you probably go by the "y" one.

lol, yea that's the one. After I did it, I wasn't sure if it was mandatory or not. Because when she answered me back in class, she came over to confirm what I wrote in the e-mail. SO it made it seem like what I said was extra, and that not everyone sent an e-mail to her.

Also, I remember sitting on those comfortable computer chairs, and I was thinking "this is a cool college" then I found out the next semester, that the other classrooms had the good old fashioned desk chairs. Although I like the ones with the metal grated bottom thing, so that I get to put my feet up.

Also, I have funny story to tell you about sitting and the other computer professor that we're taking. I'll e-mail you.

Mike said...

Haha, in HS my parents always insisted on registering me by my full name (middle name included)and it was always a pain in the neck to have the teachers correct me on their rosters... and then one Hebrew teacher finally yelled at me for correcting her, said I was chutzpadik, so I just stopped for all Hebrew teachers and let them call me by "ah". No big deal. I like that name too. But English teachers and all my friends from high school and my family call me "y". And now in college all the friends that I've made call me "ah". So have your pick :) But lol that's funny when you asked people about me, the exact same thing happens to me when I reference other people who use different names in college. And haha about the computer teacher, I thought you take him online so you miss the jokes? And ps I love those foot rest things too

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Mike: o, yea I forgot to mention that part, I was registered with the first letter of my middle name too. So on my diploma it says first name, middle initial, and last name. I actually had a camper one summer, a really cute boy who's name was Moshe B. and that's what he was called, it like went together perfectly. ahh I miss him!

lol, ok then, so I'll pick "y".

yea, so first when I asked CBA, then when I asked Sweety, and then recently by CBA's shower I asked her older married sister. Btw, are you gonna go to her wedding?

lol, well I took him for 5.2 too, so that's what the story is about. I'll just say the story here already. So what happened was in class I always sit sideways. I dunno why, but its more comfortable, and a habit. So anyways after that semester when I had T, and I became in contact with his son. His son one day told me that his father said I'm always sitting sideways and he can't see me. lol, I couldn't believe he told his father that he chats with me. At first I was a bit embarrassed, cause its weird...but then I got over it, and it was just funny. He also put pictures of his father on Him with his suspenders.

Mike said...

Lol how on earth did you hook up with his son? Didn't you say he's closer to my age? That's really funny... how did T know you by name, there must be 100 kids in the class! Haha does T's son realize his dad's fine reputation?

DavenedByDeKoisel said...

Moshe: What about Nochi, Nochumche or Nochum'ke...Hey, as long as it's not his given name...

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Mike: lol, well on facebook I saw he was friends with someone I knew, so I asked him if he was T's son. Then once he knew I was his student he started messaging me, asking me what I think of his father and everything. It's a good thing I didn't say anything bad, cause everything I said he probably told his father. And yea, he's closer to your age, so it was just a stam thing, nothing to it.

lol, well there were only a few frum girls, and I came to every class, so...

lol, yea he knows his father's reputation, and he has the same "sense of humor". I looked at his profile and saw his "about me" section, and I was like "omg, like father like son".

DavenedByDeKoisel: I can picture Moshe using the "Nochum'ke" one.

Moshe said...

Actually, my dad uses Nochumka. One of my friends suggested Nomi, or was it Nami...sounds too girly though...

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Moshe: that's cool, I sorta guessed right.

Yea, that does sound a bit girly. O, I have a good one, what about "Nachi"? I know someone with that name, can't remember who though.

DavenedByDeKoisel said...

Glad I could be of service.....

Anonymous said...

Lol we're in the same boat. But nobody I know has ever called me by my full name...
If someone has a super-long first name, I will shorten it for them whether they like it or not. :D

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