Thursday, June 25, 2009

It’s all In Hashem’s Hands

Ironic how I still have no plans and no job and yet I was kept really busy and made over 100 dollars this week!

Monday I went over to give gifts to my love’s family for their graduations. They had 4 graduations, a shame I forgot to take pictures of the gifts before I gave it to them. But their mother took pictures of me giving a gift to each of them, and she took a video of me giving my gifts to them. Then that night I helped out watching the younger kids.

Tuesday I went with my parents and little sister to Manhattan. As we were going to the train station I commented to my parents how it amazes me that my love’s parents act as though they are newly weds. When they are on the phone with each other they will say “o, you don’t have to…” or “only if you don’t mind”, or “I can do that, it’s no big deal”. They are always so nice to each other, and never tell each other what to do. They take into consideration each other’s feelings.

Then when we were on the train my father took out his gemara to learn on the train. Then he shows me how he was learning exactly what I mentioned before. In Bava Metziah Daf 59 Footnote 11, it says you have to be careful not to wrong your wife because her tears come easily. This topic hadn’t shown up in the previous pages he learned, so it shows that his learning is Leshma, since he first learned about it after he heard about it.

While he was learning on the train, this middle aged man comes over to him and they start talking. The man was a reform Jew and he asked about the gemara page, the layout. He saw the page in a museum and wanted to know more about it. So my father explained what the different sections of the page are.

Since it was Rosh Chodesh we went out to eat, it was my first time in Abigaels, and my first time that I ordered a steak. And here comes another first…it was the first time I used a steak knife. (I have yet to light a match, if any of you have posts that mention lighting a match, then I could link it up in my sidebar) The food tasted great, and the waiter was very professional, a newly trained one, on his best behavior. We also went out to eat as a belated celebration for my graduation. At night after a long day in Manhattan I went to my love’s family to watch the kids.

Wednesday I took my little brother and sister to the pizza store and bowling. We used bumpers but most of the time it didn’t even touch the bumper and just went straight down the middle.


On our way back from bowling we passed by lots of interesting sites. There was a parking lot of limos. There was a really long limo Jeep. There was also some roosters? or chickens? which I found strange.

Then after that long day I went to my love’s family to watch the kids, this time it was only the 6 younger kids. The 6 older kids went out to eat with the parents to celebrate 2 of their graduations and the end of the school year. As I was talking with the 6th to youngest kid, she told me that her parents took the 6 younger kids to the pizza store the day before, and on their way there, their mother told them all how proud she was of them. One by one she gave them a report of how good they were in the school year. This really touched my heart. See a mother of 12 can give individual attention to each kid, and make each kid feel special.

Thursday I went with my twin and little sister Ice skating. There were lots of professional skaters there and it was fun to watch them and try to mimic what they were doing. I saw this cute little 4 year old getting lessons, and skating like a pro. It kind of made me wish that I would have learned to skate like that when I was young too. I then took my sister to the pizza shop again.

I don’t think I’ll be going to my love’s family tonight, unless they call me. But their leaving Sunday to the country and I will miss them all. They offered for me to come up with them, but it’s a boys camp so not my kind of thing.

My love’s mother keeps reminding me that if I move, I have to move in our neighborhood so I can still come over, she calls me a lifesaver. It makes me feel good knowing they appreciate me as much as I appreciate them. They really are like my second family and I love them all.

P.S. If you know my love’s family, please don’t tell them I said anything about them. Even though it’s nothing bad, it can be embarrassing if they find out I write about them.


lion of zion said...

i don't like to eat out, but i think abigails is the best place i've been too (although pricey). the food is usually good (i did once have a bad steak) and more importantly, you don't feel like you're in a jewish restaurant.

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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

yea, it was great place. I saw a bunch of business men having a lunch meeting there, then there was another room of a whole bunch of professionals, so yea you don't feel like your in a Jewish restaurant. I actually have a picture of the steak I got, I'll attach it. (After all I do have the picture option, might as well use it)

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auror said...

Omg that picture looks yum! Congrats on the steak knife ;) (I am only half-sure I know what kind of knife we're talking about btw lol)

Oo I love ice skating too- where'd you go?

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Thanx :-D
(lol, I don't even know if it's called that, I'm just assuming it is, since it's used to cut steak, but suffice it to say, it's a metal sharp knife) ;-)

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