Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Sukkos Diary 2009

1st Day Chol Hamoed, I had a great time at Hershey Park. I was expecting to see lots of people I knew there, but ended up seeing 3 people I knew. I went on 5 rides there, the lines weren’t so bad. It’s been so long since I went to an amusement Park so I enjoyed all the rides. Seeing kids waiting on line was comforting, knowing if they can handle the roller coasters then so can I!

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Comet Skyview Wild Mouse Ferris Wheel Lightning Racer

2nd Day Chol Hamoed, I went with my family to Skver to visit relatives. It was nice when they spoke English for us, so we can understand. We went to one of my father’s cousins house, she has 15 children, all married, and her grand children are married, and some are getting married. One of her grand children was there, she was 18 and getting married to her uncle, similar to the wedding I mentioned before.

There were a bunch of Chassidish men and boys there too, 2nd and 3rd cousins. I was watching them talk in Yiddish and I finally figured out the glasses style. They have 3 different styles. One is a beigish rim around thick classes for children, another is black on the top rim and clear on the bottom rim on big sized glasses for boys and adults; most common, the third is a bigger thicker beige rim for adults, which wasn’t too common.

We sat and talked in their sukkah for 2 hours, they offered us fruits, cakes and drinks. Here are some pictures of the decorations in their sukkah. In Skver, a lot of houses have sukkah’s in their house, seems really convenient and comfortable. Though I wonder if it takes away from the traditional feeling of going outside for sukkos.

decoration decoration
If you look on the bottom right side you will see part of a recliner. If you look on the top right side you will see part of an air conditioner.

We then went to the Palasades Mall. One my fathers cousins in Skver owns a few rides there, and he said we can go on for free. We checked out the Ferris Wheel, but it wasn’t running at the time. So we went to play Laser tag. It was my first time playing Laser tag, it was lots of fun, they had tons of caves and places to hide in. We played a team game, and my team one of course: girl power!

Pallisades Ferris Wheel  Laser Tag 

We then went to watch a 3D imax “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs”, it was excellent!

IMAXCloudy with a chance of Meatballs 

What I have to say about it:

  1. I noticed a lot of father and son relationships, they weren’t much into the mothers. One father kept telling his son he loves him, another loved his son but didn’t no how to express it, and yet another spoiled his son, the brat, but didn’t know how to love him. It was a family oriented movie, which I liked. It had that loyalty thing, of choosing family over someone else.

  2. I liked how it had techy geeky stuff, I noticed that he always said what he was doing, I figured this is so the kids can understand what’s happening.

  3. I liked how they made the “nerd” be the cool one. That she started out as a pretty girl who would say silly things so that she didn’t sound smart and won’t be made fun of as a nerd, but then when she was excited about something she knew, she would just say it, and then play dumb after. So then the scientist realized she was smart and told her to be herself, and put a pony in her hair, and put glasses on her, and said she was beautiful then.

  4. They were really creative with their play on words, and use of food. I loved the Jello part, where they took into account the substance of the food and then created a function out of it, like the ability to jump on it like a trampoline.

  5. I noticed a lot of food avalanches, with people running away, but yet no one got hurt. That’s what makes it a PG movie. But yet, it makes it unrealistic. There’s only one case of a kid getting sick from eating too much candy, he then gets better with cellery in a second. So that makes it not scary for kids.

3rd day  Chol Hamoed was a really windy day, and our sukkah started to collapse; the door busted, so it was time to take it down before more damage occured.

 Fallen SukkahFallen Sukkah

Sukkah on floorOne of the boards even flipped over from the wind while it was on the floor. Good thing we don’t have to eat in the sukkah second days, because now it’s all put away. Good thing I took pictures of the Sukkah before Sukkos.

I then got to do some fun mini high way driving, down curvy roads at 30 mph, and that was my fun for the day. I drove my family to an arcade/ride place. Then later that night we went to see the Simchas Bais Hashoaiva a shul in the neighborhood put together. There was a “fire” man who juggled with fire, and made balloon shapes for the kids. There was singing and dancing and the kids really enjoyed it.

4th day Chol Hamoed, I Drove on my own, for the first time! I took my little sister to a ceramics place, and spent 4 hours there painting. It was buy one get one free, so we both got to paint 2 things. I painted a shoe and a rollerblade.

Shoe Rollerblade

After the painting, I drove my family to the water to say Tashlich.

Hope you all had a great Chol First Days Sukkos and Chol Hamoed.

Can’t wait for Simchas Torah; Candy!


tesyaa said...

LOVE the ceramic shoe!

I didn't get to do much on chol hamoed, but my daughter was lucky enough to go to Hersheypark with a friend.

staying afloat said...

Sounds like you had a fun, varied chag.

We considered taking the kids to the meatball movie, but assumed the youngest would get scared. We can't wait to pick up our pottery (how do you have yours already?)- one day I'll actually go and make my own.The last thing I made was a cookie jar, on a vacation without the kids.

And hurray for driving! You have now been initiated into the club, and will be given errands and begged for rides on a regular basis. And just think- every minute you spend becoming a better driver gets you ready for a possible future of driving carpool!

Recent blog:=- It went alright... and other chol hamoed news.

gruven_reuven said...

Too funny, my wife wanted to take the Boys to Hershey Park the first day of Chol HaMoed, but we ended up not going.

Recent blog:=- Startbuck’s VIA for Shabbos

lvnsm27 said...

I remember playing lazer tag a long while ago, very fun

didn't do much during on chol hamoed except one party. Had fun on Simchas torah though

Recent blog:=- The pink sun

Dude with Hat (aka BTS) said...

Just got a chance to finish reading this post. It's really cool how you got to paint shoes :)

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...


That's cool that your daughter went there too.

Recent blog:=- Mazel Tov!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Yea, lots of fun.

The only part that was scary was the previews to the movie, they had a "x-mas" one with this old man falling, and his face was scary, but it was rated PG.

well we painted them, and then they dry it and glaze it there. We didn't create the plaster shapes. Cookie Jar sounds cool. I think I actually painted one once in camp, but it broke, it had a teddy bear on the top of the cookie jar with cookies around it.

Thanks! I enjoy the driving so will enjoy the errands and giving rides. lol, yay can't wait to drive carpool!

Recent blog:=- Mazel Tov!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

ahh o well. Would of been cool to see your kids!

Recent blog:=- Mazel Tov!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Yea, it was lots of fun.

party sounds cool, That's good you had fun on Simchas Torah.

Recent blog:=- Mazel Tov!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

yea, and shoes are like the opposite of a computer!

Recent blog:=- Mazel Tov!

Moshe said...

Good job with the shoes!

I've never noticed/paid attention to the glasses thing. Was it just that family or others too? I gotta remember to pay attention next time.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...


Well I've noticed before That chassidish people have big thick glasses, but I never really paid attention to them, or had enough time to observe the different types. So here when I was within "Family" I was able to see it. It's interesting, let me know what you notice.

Recent blog:=- Mazel Tov!

Moshe said...

If I'll remember that is...
We go, if we do, once a year before Shvuos.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Your welcome and Thanks!

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