Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I was reading what HSaboMilner had to say on being a twin, and it brought back memories of my own.

If I had a dollar for every time we were asked if our twin was identical. Identical means exactly the same.

So many times people would ask if we were identical, and this came from adults too.

My mother is a twin, and always tells over the story of how my grandmother was giving birth. My mother came first, and the doctor said “It’s a girl”. Then 2 minutes later the doctor said “It’s a boy”, so then my grandmother said “Is it a girl or a boy? you can’t tell?”. We would all laugh at the story, thinking about the olden days.

I obviously don’t know what it was like when my mother was pregnant with us, but I do remember what it was like when she was pregnant with the second set of twins. I remember being so excited to finally have younger siblings to take care of. It was exciting to have 2 babies, to play with them and feed them.

When me and my twin were younger we were really close. We played together and did everything together. We went to the same school together, separate building for boys and girls, but we were on the same bus. We would have walkie talkies, and talk to each other. It was a lot of fun. We were partners. We would play school together, and do homework together.

I had such a deep bond with him, that I felt everything he felt. I would hurt for him. I didn’t have that same bond with my older brother. Me and my twin always got a long and were best friends. My twin brother was always so good to me, and wanted to take care of me. He would protect me in school, and tried to take care of me when we got lost. Even now he is so good to me. He gave me his blackberry when he got a new phone, which made me so happy since SN has a blackberry too. He asked me what I want for my birthday present, even though it’s his birthday too.

HSaboMilner puts it very nicely:

There is something deeply magical and mystical about being created at the same time as someone else. Growing together from a cluster of cells into human beings. Our bond was created 9 months before our birth – there is no way that anyone could ever hope to recreate that in the physical world.

As the years gone by, and there started to be a separation between boys and girls, we drifted a part, and became like regular brother and sister. Then I started to think it would be better to be twins with a girl, cause then you would really get to do everything together, and if you were identical you would get to switch places on people, like “Elizabeth and Jessica” did, from some story book I used to love reading. But then I would read stories about twin girls being in competition with each other, and I was happy to be twins with a boy again.

With my younger brother and sister, they were a different type of twins. They weren’t always together. They were on different levels, which made it hard for them to play which each other. It’s easy to explain to an older child that the younger child can’t do certain things yet, or that you have to be the big one and give in. But with twins it’s hard, because their the same age, so you can’t tell one they have to be “older” and give in, or that the other is younger and that’s why they can’t do whatever it may be.

Being a twin was really fun as a child, and I’ll cherish the memories. Now I still have a connection with my twin, but it’s not the same as before. Though we still get a long great. Now I feel connected to SN and hope to grow our connection to the upmost. 

Being that it seems like twins is in the genes of my family (3 sets) it makes me wonder if I’ll have twins, and which I would rather. I used to think that twins are so cool, and you get a lot of attention because of it. But parenting wise, I think singles are easier. But whatever Hashem gives me I will be happy with!


Hadassah Sabo Milner said...

Twins are great, but I was always glad when the ultrasounds showed only one baby!!

Mystery Woman said...

I absolutely love twins, but for at a time please.

Auror said...

I loved this post, it's so interesting to hear a twin's perspective... you mentioned though that you got more attention for being twins, doesn't it also work the other way that you always have to share the attention? Or is that part of the fun :P

(Love that story with your grandmother btw! When my mother had the twins, my dad called my grandparents to tell them it was twins... my grandfather was expecting to hear 'girl' or 'boy' so when my father said twin boys he said 'What?? I can't hear you, is it a girl or is it a boy?' Lol it was a nice surprise.)

frum single female said...

thanks for sharing. i didnt know you were a twin!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

HSaboMilner: I can imagine it being a relief!

Mystery Woman: Exactly what I was thinking.

Auror: Thanks! lol, I didn't think of that, sharing the attention. But yea, that does happen, though I don't remember it when I was a kid, but I noticed it with my little brother and sister. And yea, lol, it can be part of the fun!

Glad you like! :-)

Frum Single Female: Your welcome! yea, I am :-)

Shades of Grey said...

Very interesting! I have twin cousins and always wondered what it was like - I don't know too many male/female twins though, so this is an different take than what I've heard before (the male/male or female/female perspective).

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Shades of grey: Thanks! said...

I can tell you that this is not something you see discussed on a jewish social networking site too often.

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