Thursday, October 23, 2008

Waiting for Moshiach

My previous Jewish Blog “The Jewish Side of Me” was having some troubles, so I decided to create a new one. I republished the previous 2 blog posts that I had up before. But unfortunately I wasn’t able to restore the comments. Feel free to comment again if you remember what you said last time.

Now what does this all have to do with Moshiach?

It goes like this, at first I thought the blog will be back in a few minutes so I clicked on my dashboard every few minutes expecting it to be back. Then I realized it may take longer than that, so I waited a day, and then checked back every day, and then every few days. Till eventually I figured it’s not coming back and I would just check back once a week. Then I realized it may never come back on its own and I actually have to do something about it, so I created the same blog again.

We start out as little kids learning how Moshiach will come and we are so excited and expect Moshiach to appear all of a sudden and then go flying on the eagel’s wings to Israel. Then we get older and we don’t think about it so much. We become involved in our every day lives and Moshiach becomes a far away thought. Then once a while we get reminded of Moshiach and the future Bais Hamikdash. We learn that if everyone would just keep Shabbos then Moshiach would come. It seems like a far away concept and we forget about it. Then we get inspired and realize we actually have to do something to help Moshiach come. So we do more Mitzvos and then with Hashem’s help Moshiach will come!


frumskeptic said...

I think there is already a pre-determined time for when moshiach will come.
If our actions have anything to do with it, he'll never come.

Rachel said...


I think- know-our [good] actions can definitely bring it now.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Have you thought about what would happen when he DOES come? Hmm...some frummies would say that there "shall be no more blogging"

Mikeinmidwood said...

J da J

thats Horrible. Many and most frummies think that blogs are one of the worst things to have ever existed and only second to texting.

The Babysitter said...

FrumSkeptic: there may a set time when Moshiach will come, but it was blocked from Yaakov to tell over to his children so that they will not know when it is, so that we can always do mitzvos and not take it easy till it comes. By our doing mitzvos I believe it can come closer. As little kids they always tell us that if you do a mitzvah your putting a brick on the bais Hamikdash as if to build it. SO the more mitzvos the faster it will get built.

Also, even if there are so many Jews doing bad actions and not keeping the Torah, it can still come, since they are considered Tinok Sheneshbo, that they just don't know about it. For those that do know about it, then it still can come, because if they are doing avairos its because they don't understand the full capacity of why we should be doing the mitzvos so they are unable to want to do it completely.

Rachel: Thanx! Amen!

JacobDaJew: actually I learned about what will happen when Moshiach comes, and not to worry, we will still have blogs, the question will become will we still want to use it or not based on our new clarity of right and wrong.

MikeInMidwood: like many things in life it can be used for good and bad. People just have to learn to use it the right way. If their afraid they may use it the wrong way then they put a gate up so that they shouldn't fall to use it the wrong way. But the mechanism in itself is not bad. It can save people's lives considering that the Police are now accepting text messages of things that are happening, instead of calling it in.

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