Monday, December 29, 2008


Happy Last Day of Chanukah to everyone! Hope you all had joyous Chanukah’s. For the first time I actually made latkes and it was lots of fun and they all got eaten up. I still haven’t figured out why Chanukah doughnuts have to have Jelly in them in order to be counted as sufganeyot.

Here’s a picture of a Menorah I made in 9th grade art. The background isn’t too great, but for the Menorah I copied my fathers. The second one I also made in 9th grade art, (it’s using x’s on graph paper).

scan0013 scan0012

Here’s a picture of a cute menorah for all the woman shoe shoppers out there.

We were privileged to have 3 chanukah parties on Sunday in our house. The first party was for my Lakewood cousins. They brought a long a paper of picture hints for 22 different Chassidish groups. I hadn’t known there were so many. Have fun trying to figure out the answers, lots of them have Yiddish in them so it can get confusing. I’ll put the answers in invisible ink so that you have to select the space near the number in order to see it.




1. Cherynoble 2. Beltz 3. Stichin 4. Skulya





5. Gebrow

6. Skullen


8. Kasho





9. Karleen

10. Faultshen

11. Spinka

12. Lubavich


fourteen 1

fourteen 2


13. Boston

14. Rotferd

14 b. Siget

15. Satmar





16. Boyan


18. Ger

19. Square


twenty one

twenty two

20. Shoprun

21. Nirbarter

22. Bobov


At the second party we had my cousins from Queens and their kids. One cousin has Knayna Hora 5 kids under the age of 4! Her youngest are a set of twins. She is truly a super hero mother. Her kids are adorable. I enjoyed playing with them, and they are lucky to have a super Dad too! The other family of cousins have 3 kids also little kids, they were cute too! It’s been so long since we had babies running around in our house that it was nice and noisy when they came. Then my mother’s twin brother’s family came, and they actually just had a baby too. So there were 4 babies, and 5 other little kids there, plus the bigger kids. We don’t get to see them too often and it’s been ages since they came to our house so it was a really nice treat.

Party number three was for the Boro park relatives. Those were all adults, except my aunt brought one of her grandchildren so that was nice. My aunt mentioned that she was very good at SET, so I brought my game down and played with her and I was so surprised how this 6 year old was so good at it, right away she was able to get them. Here everyone told a little d’var Torah for my little sister’s bas mitzvah. So my little brother gave a little speech on Parshas Mikeitz since it’s going to be his Bar Mitzvah Parsha next year. So then I decided to give a little d’var Torah too, so I said over my Parshas Mikeitz post.

Here’s a Chanukah Video I made. I am very honored that G6 had posted my video on her blog without even knowing that I made it!


Rachel said...

I like the way you used shading to give a "shiny" effect to your drawing of the menorah.

The Babysitter said...

Rachel: Thanx!

KT (katie) said...

You've got a lot of twins in your family!!

From what I gathered, it's you&your bro, your younger siblings, your cousins, and your mom&uncle? I guess things like that really are genetic.

Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

be happy

The Babysitter said...

KT: wow, you've got really good observation skills! I didn't even realize all that was in the post!

But yea, you got that all right. Although, it's my cousins kids that are the twins, but you can still call them cousins. Yea, I suppose it is in the genes. Although it's supposed to skip a generation, and it didn't in my family. Good for me, cause I'd rather have the 10 kids than twins.

The Babysitter said...

Not sure what to make of that blog.
But happiness is good.

Shorty said...

cool game!

Happy Chanukah to you!

The Babysitter said...

Shorty: Glad all my hard work paid off, thanx!

Thanx, Happy end of Chanukah to you too!

G6 said...

Thanks for the plug.
Love the "invisible ink" ;)
Very clever

muse said...

Sounds like such a great Chanukah. I love your video.

The Babysitter said...

G6: You're welcome!
Thanx! I thought so too!

Muse: yea, it was great. Thanx!

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