Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Power Of Blogs!

You know how they say that everything can be used for good? well I finally experienced the greatness of what blogs can do.

Recently I had decided to finally write a “meme” post. Now since I hadn’t written it right away when others have wrote it, it had started a whole new chain. I put together 2 meme’s in one, a combination no other blogger had done before. Then I check at those who had done the meme, and almost all had done that same combination! An amazing thing, the feeling of creating. Then I see that other blogs I have tagged were tagging others too, so that it spread to so many people, people I would have wanted to tag.

The lessons I learned from this:

  1. Blogs let you experience what it’s like to create something. It’s such an amazing feeling to know you have started and created something so great.

    Now you can imagine the greatness of Hashem our creator, and how much we owe Him for the amazing things He has created that we get to benefit from.
  2. Blogs show you the amazing chain event of one action, how it can spread to so many.

    With such an amazing ability to spread something so fast, that takes an action, now you can start a mitzvah chain on blogosphere and have so many participants in it.
  3. Blogs show you how things can change as they are passed down.
  • The Power of Loshon Hora, rumors are always changing, and you may not even recognize your creation.
  • On the Positive side, the uniqueness of every person, how every person can look at the same set of instructions and yet all have different results. Each person has a tzelem elokim, with their own tachlis in life to accomplish. We are all given the same Torah, but everyone’s lives are different in how we serve Hashem.

Thank You to those who have participated in the Meme and helped me come to these observations.

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In addition, those which my taggee’s have tagged that had done the meme:

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Shorty said...

I liked that meme!
Well done!

Frayda said...

great post! i agree that blogs are amazing.

Mrs. Lakewood Falling Down said...

I don't know what a meme is but I like your observations.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Why did you start it? At first it was fun after a while it got boring, and then a little annoying. Shall we come with pitchforks to your house, or will you come peacefully. ;)

nmf #7 said...

Loved the observations- blogs are a powerful weapon. I mean, check out how the IDF is handling their PR- YouTube!

Thanks for the link!

The Babysitter said...

Shorty: Glad you liked it, and thanx!

Frayda: Thanx!

Mrs. Lakewood Falling Down: I had a link in my post that described a little bit of what a meme is, but I see your husband did one now. So now you probably understand.

and Thanx!

NMF#7: yea, I heard about that, and that they were using twitter. Your right, it's amazing what a powerful weapon they can be.

The Babysitter said...

MikeInMidwood: sorry for leaving you out in the comment above, for some strange reason I didn't see your comment till I scrolled up.

lol :-p

shall I count that as a troll comment? and then it shows I have a real good blog?

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