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Stealing –> Kefira

Since this post was all about you, I won’t comment on the post, but I’ll say a little something here. Seems like money is the major issue here. Is that because the people who don’t work are usually the one’s with large families? What if the couple did have the money to support a large family, would people still have problems with it?

R' PearlOn to the next topic of stealing. Tuesday night I went to a shiur by R’ Pearl on the topic of what is keeping Moshiach. Previously I had also heard him speak on a Shabbos afternoon, on the topic of stealing.

He said that if someone steals then they are an apikores, because in essence they are saying Hashem can’t take care of their business. So they feel that have to steal in order to make money. (To me saying no to having children because of money, has the same ring to it, but we won’t go there).

One time a Satmar school got in trouble with the government. So the went over to the Satmar Rebbe to ask for help, to get them out of it. The Satmar Rebbe told them to “get out”, because they stole from the government. They told him that they didn’t keep a penny for themselves, that it was all for the Mosdos. The Satmar Rebbe then said “If you had to steal for the Mosdos, then shut down the Mosdos”. That you can’t use Treif money.

There are so many stories of righteous children who were taught not to steal, and when they were given a chance to “get in for free” they refused, saying it’s geneiva. We have to instill in our children this sensitivity of what stealing and cheating is. When going to an amusement park where they allow 4 year olds in for free, you can’t claim that your 6 year is 4 just because he’s smaller. That is stealing and cheating!

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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Just something interesting...Here

"The rov is talking through a Torah viewpoint. I have been to see a mekubal due to various issues in my life, a major one being parnossah. He asked if I was practicing birth control and I said yes. He told me to stop doing it because if I cut myself off from Hashem, he'll cut himself off from me (not his exact words, but words to that effect)--no siyata d'shmaya in other words. I listened and had more children. B'H today I can say parnassoh is better than ever and I'm so happy I had more children. When we listen to daas Torah, it can only be good!"

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lvnsm27 said...

In regards to your first question, if people had the money to raise a big family, would people be okay with it?
I think people would be because as long as they have the means to do it, people don't mind.

In regards to stealing, I agree, it's very important to teach children how bad it is, and that we should be careful because it's a big aveirah.
That Rebbe had the right answer, to stop doing it, and don't use treif money.

In regards to emunah, it's true, if we trust that Hashem will provide, then we won't worry and let the yetzer hara talk us into stealing. That's probably what happened with madoff, he could have gotten out years ago, with a smaller penalty, but he was scared and continued on, which made things worse. It's like letting a symptom get worse before seeing a doctor.
Also, in regards to emunah, individuals who are traditional yet work on shabbos, should also trust that G-d will provide for them, and they should improve on keeping shabbos :)

Lastly, if people are upset that big families have others paying taxes for them while the husband learns, think of this, at least you are sharing in their reward by supporting them. - Where as in California, the taxpayers had to pay for both the Laker parade and the MJ memorial, when the celebraties themselves could have paid for it.

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Moshe said...

lvnsm27, if only taxes. Besides taxes, school tuition is sky high because of these parasites.

What Jewish business or school doesn't steal? You can even call Artscroll's made up chalochos about copying their books stealing.

So Satmar school is bad but Satmar themselves? No one legally married, collecting government aid as single parents. They freaking got themselves declared a minority and are getting government subsidized housing!

Guest said...

Okay, so they should fix what they are doing wrong. But we shouldn't have sina our heart b/c of money

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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

"It's like letting a symptom get worse before seeing a doctor."

That's a good comparison.

Right, I didn't think of the Shabbos connection. Reminds me of those kids tapes.

Good point, at least there is a reward out of it.

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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

I guess it's socialist in that way, where those that can afford to pay tuition, pay it, while those that can't pay less.

what do you mean, Halachas about copying their books being stealing?

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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

I agree 100%!

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Moshe said...

Those that "can" have to pay for those that "can't".
Just because people are working, doesn't mean they can pay the obnoxious tuition. And those that can't, simply don't want to work.

Artscroll invented what they call a halacha that you can't make copies for your own use from a book that you bought.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

O, I didn't know about that Halacha. I would imagine that you can't make copies for others, cause then they loose business. But I didn't think copying for yourself would be a problem. It's like your allowed to copy a CD for yourself, to have one in the car and one at home.

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Moshe said...

There is no such halacha or law in existence.

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