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I had a class on Segulos in Seminary that was very interesting, so I decided to share it.

We are not supposed to follow in the ways of the Goyim, but with health related issues you don’t have to worry about following in the ways of the goyim. In other words, you should use a doctor.

1- If a person is chocking on a bone, they should put a bone on their forehead and say  “חד חד נחית בלע בלע נחית חד חד " – it works.

“והיתם לי סגולה מכל העמים”, Something can just work even if it doesn’t make sense. Like medicine comes from grass, so too Segulos will work through Torah.

A person’s approach to a Segulah is to put their trust in Hashem, and by doing these things we believe Hashem will help us.

2- If a child talks in their sleep, take the tooth of a dog and put it on a necklace around the child.

3- For ear infection, Put the mothers milk in the ear of the child, or mix with white of egg and put in ear. – It works, it’s medicine.

4- If a Mezuzah is Posul then missing a Shmirah, so check the mezuzah’s 2 times in 7 years.

5- During pregnancy a baby is formed based on what the mother does, so shouldn’t stare at animals in the zoo, don’t go to the cemetery or a Livayah, careful with what you eat and see.

6- A woman in the 9th month should go to the mikvah to cleanse herself of things she did wrong during the pregnancy.

7- A woman that can’t have children should take water from a well in Eretz Yisroel. Best Segulah for health is to say Asher Yatzar.

8- For Parnassah bench with Kavanah

9- If a woman is pregnant, she should bake a cake when she feels like she’s going into labor, and say the name of a person who doesn’t have a child, and it’s a segulah that they’ll have a child.

10- If a person has warts, take the Havdallah wine and put it on, and the wart will go away. –It works.

11- If a person can’t have children, boil Aravos and drink it, same for migraines.

12- First time it snows, take snow and rub on forehead 3 times to have a good memory. Gematria of Sheleg and Shikcha is 33.

13- Pick up your head when your trying to remember, and put your head down to concentrate.

14- For bad burn say 3x “…יברכך ה׳ וישמרך”, “יאיר ה׳…” “ישא ה׳”. And have Kavanah that Hashem should heal you.

15- Garlic on child keeps away an Ayin Hora. People keep Garlic on pocket book to keep away Ayin Hora.

16-Small aquarium, necklace with ה׳, keep away Ayin Hora.

17- Bucharian, when children get scared take metal pot, heat up lead, take hat and put the led into it, put the hat on the child, led will turn into the form of what the child is thinking of, like a dog.

18- If you have a bad dream, you can sell it.


anon said...

Warts? Burns? What's next, a "segulah" to get rid of the hiccups? 8-)

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

I actually heard that a spoonful of peanut butter helps to get rid of the hiccups, but that's not a segulah.

anon said...

exactly - and milk and white eggs for an ear infection isn't a "segulah" either. It's middle age medicine at best, quackery at worst.

If you want to get Jews to do anything - keep shabbat, kosher, taharat mishpacha - just tell 'em it's a segulah for parnassa.

Or, put another way - it's too bad we have 36 sins that bear the punishment of karet. Jews are willing to violate these.

If only we would have called them 36 minhagim... ...then nobody would dare go against it! 8-)

grammar police said...

nice blog - and thanks for the segulos!

Very cute graphic - but it's not grammatically correct.

It should read את ה (heart) אני

frum single female said...

very interesting... actually, the one about warts is not so far off the mark. andrew weil writes in his book health and healing which is about the power of the mind body connection. sometimes if someone has a belief that something will heal them it will. warts in general can go away on there own without any treatment. that said , he sites several folk remedies that have worked that have no basis in science. they just work because the person believes they will .

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

The thing people have to realize is there's a time and place for everything. So like you say about the 36 sins that's punishable with Karet, people have to know that those are severe. While here with the segolus their extra stuff.

There's a difference between Minhagim and Segulos. Minhagim are passed down from generations, and should be kept. A person shouldn't pick and choose which minhag they will follow.

However, with Segulos, they are extra things that you can do, where it doesn't hurt to try. But you have to believe in them, in order for them to work.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Thanks, and Your welcome!

Thanks, interesting to know.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Thanks, very cool, it makes sense too!

nmf #7 said...

The mother's milk remedy is an old one- not necessarily a segulah. The antibodies in mom's milk help kill bacteria. I've used it on my own daughter's eye infections and ear aches.

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Der Shygetz said...


The Admou"r meCreedmoor is known for his segulois. Two of the most famous:

1) If you want to succeed at getting Section 8 by renting your own home to yourself and putting it on an elderly relative's name as the ostensible owner, recite "Lama ma ma ma ma nikra Creedmooriah" eight times eight days in a row at 8:00 PM under 8 feet of water.

2) A segula for having your son grow up to be a tzaddik is to have him recite the names of the six tzaddikim who went to Iran a few years back along with you when you are both standing on your head. This should be done 170 times, with a break after the 90th time, because 90 and 80 = 170. 90 is tzaddik and 80 represents the eighty tzaddikim upon whom the world rests today. These 80 are tzaddikim who are so great that no one else knows they are tzaddikim except themselves.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Right, he said it was medicine. but that's very cool that you used it for your daugther's infections.

Moshe said...

Most of these are actually not segulos, but folk remedies from gemarah which don't apply today.

The reason 1 "works" is because you're raising your arms raises diaphragm.

Don't recommend 2 unless you want to go to ER to get treated for getting bitten and then to jail.

3, very, very bad idea trying home treatments, unless you want to risk hearing loss. You can, however, check for ear infection yourself using an otoscope. I have one at home and used it to diagnose NY.

4, this is not a segulah.

5, is misquoted by you or your teacher. Reason for not going to levaya and cemetery is because the dead will become jealous of the new life. Nothing to do with seeing. Idea about animals is modern and wrong. People used to be around animals all the time, both kosher and not, without any ill effects.

you forgot being kvater as segulah for having children

10, rubbing alcahol will work a lot better, wart removal kit from a pharmacy, even better.

11, what works for migraines is smoking weed. In fact only known cure.

13, this is not a segulah, it's what people usually do, nothing to do with religion.

14, wanna end up in ER? If you get a burn, cool area off under cold water. Cover with honey to prevent infection and encourage healing. NOT FOR 3RD DEGREE BURNS.

15, sure, gonna keep all the bad people away with the stink, heh. Vampires too.

17, lead is highly toxic.

G*3 said...

> warts in general can go away on there own without any treatment. that said , he sites several folk remedies that have worked that have no basis in science. they just work because the person believes they will .


Imagine the folowing two senarios. In scenario 1, a person has a wart and does nothing. The wart goes away in about a month. In scenario 2, a person has a wart and uses a folk remedy. The wart goes away in about a month.

If the person "beleives" in the folk remedy, he will attribute the dissapearance of the wart to the remedy, EVEN THOUGH HAD HE DONE NOTHING IT WOULD STILL HAVE GONE AWAY IN THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME.

Look up Skinner's superstitious pigeons. And try to avoid post hoc ergo propter hoc fallicies.

Seeking Justice said...

BTW, cut a piece of garlic and put in the ear, actually helps to treat ear infection, if it in the beginning. I personally did it and know people that were hesitant but did it and it worked. No sgulot, pure medicine. Garlic has anti-microbal, anti-viral powers.

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Anonymous said...

12- First time it snows, take snow and rub on forehead 3 times to have a good memory. Gematria of Sheleg and Shikcha is 33.

This one was also misquoted by your teacher. It is a specific Tikkun given by the RaShaSh in his sefer Nahar Shalom. There is a lot more to it than simply rubbing snow on your head.

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