Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hashgacha Pratis Tuesday --- #1

Throughout the day there are many amazing things that happen that may seem to be coincidences. Everybody has some story of something that happened to them, where things seemed to be going really bad and then something unexpected happened and things turned around for the good.

G-d appoints an angel and tells it to cause a blade of grass to grow. Only then does that tiny blade flourish.°
This is true of every minute detail in nature. All the more so, every action or event that happens be it personal or global, occurs only because G-d willed it to happen. It is part of a master plan.
°Bereshis Rabbah 10:7

I will start off this week sharing my own story. If you have any good Hashgacha Pratis Stories feel free to share them and perhaps the next week I will post them up, or perhaps award a winner!

If any of you read the Yated like Frum Skeptic does, you may recognize this story. It was written as a letter to the editor in July 2007. This letter was written by my father. (note: we never use the word Yungerman in my house). 

On Sunday, July 15, I was riding home with my family from the Catskills to Flatbush. We exited the NYS Thruway at 14B to Daven Mincha in Monsey. Suddenly, on Airmont Road while entering the Exxon station to buy
some snacks, the brake warning light went on and the brakes would not work unless I pressed with full force all the way down the brake pedal. B"H since we were driving slowly when entering the Exxon station, we
were able to stop without incident.

I picked up the hood when a Yungerman came over to us and gave us the Monsey Chaverim telephone number. We called Chaverim and within minutes they dispatched someone, who said that unfortunately the brake line was broken and he could not fix the problem. However, he provided us the name of a nearby repair shop, and offered to take my family to the Monsey bus stop. We decided to stay together and called for a tow to the repair shop.

While waiting for the tow truck in the Exxon station, we received countless of incredible offers from many Yungerman including that we all stay overnight at their houses, rides back to Flatbush, rides to the
Monsey Trail bus stop, pens and paper to keep the young children busy, food, etc... To see so many concerned Yidden asking us how they could help
was real life lesson in Chesed for the entire family.

After our minivan was towed, we did take the offer to the Monsey Trail bus stop.The Kollel man drove us first to a supermarket for us to buy snacks. Then he took us to the first stop of Monsey Trails so we should
have a seat and told us to stay in his air-conditioned minivan until the bus comes. He also offered to drive us to Flatbush, but we refused the offer. When finally we arrived in Boro Park at 12:30 AM, a relative offered us food and drinks, and their car for us to drive home to

We all kept on repeating it is a good thing we exited at Monsey to Daven Mincha and Me Chamicha Yisroel!!!!

We want to say THANK YOU to Hashem and all the kind Yungerman!!!

The Hashgacha Pratis in all this is we got stuck in Monsey where a chaveirim man was able to help us instead of getting stuck in Goshen, between the Catskills and Monsey.


Mikeinmidwood said...

A famous little story I heard whether true or not is a christian's car breaks down so he goes to his glove compartment and puts on a Yarmulke a few minutes later a jew pulls over to help him. after the jew is done he sees a cross in the guys car. So the jew asks your christian right so the non jew says yeah the jew asks why are you waring a yarmulke. The christian says because you guys are so helpful to one another id be dumb to go without one.

The Babysitter said...

MikeInMidwood: yea I remember that story. I think I heard it was true. but yea that does remind me of the story now that I think about it.

Lion of Zion said...

my chaverim experience

the sabra said...

"(note: we never use the word Yungerman in my house). "


The Babysitter said...

Sabra: :-)

pearl wedding tiaras said...

I read that story in the magazine - how true it will be. Why can't everyone be as kind - the world would be a happier place. :)

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Exactly. :)

the sabra said...

ha, as i came to this post again (cuz im signed up for comments) the same line made me laugh. ;)

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

glad to make you laugh :)
and it made me laugh too!

Babar Khan said...

Well-done. You are doing a wonderful job with deep research and stay blessed

Babar Khan said...

Well-done. You are doing a wonderful job with deep research and stay blessed

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