Tuesday, March 3, 2009

HP Tuesday #4

It’s been a really long time since I wrote one of these. I had a Hashgacha Pratis story to share and a bunch of stuff to tell, so I figured I would combine it in one. For starters if you had noticed I hadn’t posted for over a week, it wasn’t because I had nothing to say, but rather because I had technical difficulties.

Thursday morning, February 18th, I turned on my laptop and realized that the wire for the charger was ripped and sparks were coming out so it was history. Then my battery died after not being able to be charged, so I was stuck. I thought a store nearby for sure had to have it. I checked online at staples, PC Richards, Radio Shack and any store in Brooklyn. But they didn’t seem to have it. I called HP-Hewlett Packard customer service, and they said it would cost 55 dollars to replace the adapter.

I checked online, found a adapter at Amazon for 25 dollars, and thought great this is a good price. Figured it would take maybe 3 or 4 days and I should get it by Monday the 22nd. Although I was upset at first, cause I wanted it right away, and didn’t want to resort to buying it online and waiting for it to come by shipping. The shipping information said that it would come between February 25th and March 2nd.

I waited and waited, hoping and hoping for it come, and it just never showed up. Meanwhile, I had school work to do that involved accessing documents on my computer. I didn’t have access to my computer, and this made me realize how good those remote desktop things are, to access your computer on another computer. So now I think I’ll set one up.

In any case, I had to access the documents, and the Hashgacha Pratis is that the night before my external hard drive had arrived and I decided to sync my school documents on to it. So lucky me had access to them!

So for over a week I’ve been using the school computer and my older brothers computer. Then finally Shabbos my adapter came. So Sunday after the whole experience I was able to have my computer and blog about it and catch up on some stuff. Motzei shabbos I even backdated some posts to make up for the ones I wasn’t able to write before.

Now there’s more to this, another HP factor. The Tuesday the 16th I had been thinking how much I like my robotics class I’m taking, that its so much fun, and I felt so good at it. Getting a 100 on my test boosted my ego some more. I felt really good about myself. I was thinking to myself, why is it that I like programming so much. Then I realized maybe it has to do with the control factor. That I get to design a program with code and tell the robot what to do, and it does exactly what I do. That gives you a strong sense of power and control, that you can actually have an impact and change what things do.

Then Thursday Morning my computer dies on me. So what was this showing. It was Hashem’s way of showing that I’m not in control, rather He’s in control. At the time when I felt so high and good, Hashem had to remind me whose really boss. So I no longer had my computer, I realized I had less control, I couldn’t do the things I wanted, because I had to use others computers and it was an inconvenience.

So now I appreciate having my own computer again, Hashem was kind to make a way for me to have access to the stuff I needed so I didn’t loose out. Plus I learned an important message that Hashem is the one in control. Though I can pursue this field if I want, and maybe I would get to use it for good, in ways that Hashem would want.


Moshe said...

The wire wasn't fixable?

Remote Desktop still needs the other computer to be on.

Get a flash drive. They're tiny and very cheap. I bought a 4GB one for $20.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Moshe: the wire wasn't fixable cause it was totally ripped and I wasn't gonna play with fire. For a while before I tried "fixing" it, but it didn't last long.

ahh, so that wouldn't work.

yea, I have 2 flash drives, actually got a 4GB one at staples for 10 dollars! lol

Moshe said...

Could've gotten electric tape and cheap wire strippers from a 99 cent store and done it yourself in 5 minutes instead of waiting over a week. Or at least should've brought it to me. Though I'd still make you do it yourself.

Not a Corsair Flash Voyager. Love the thing. It looks so cool. Whole thing's encased in rubber.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Moshe: yea, but it still wouldn't be good, new is always better.

ahh that is cool. Did you see the beer one?

Moshe said...

But you'd have it immediately. Could still order replacement after.

That doesn't look very safe...what if I try to drink that on Purim...

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

ahh true, I didn't think of that.


Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

@Babysitter - there's a one-time-in-a-life trick on amazon to get your things with 2nd day shipping for free or overnight for something about 5 bucks - you subscribe for Amazon Prime (gotta have your own bank card - go to Capital One they give for free checking account and card) and you have it for free for the first two months. Then don't forget to unsubscribe or they charge you $70/year. I forgot once and called them next day they charged me - they said since I haven't used it after they charged me they'd give me back my money.

For the next Laptop consider Apple - they've got 24/7 store in the city + their own MagSafe - wire won't brake like your's did.

@Moshe - man, your's Corsair is expensive - I just got 4 gigs SanDisk Cruzer Contour - one of the fastest flashdrives for $15.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

BTS: yea, so I don't like playing around with these trial or month free things if I don't have to. It's good you got your money back at the end.

lol, a girl in my class actually told me that Mac's are the best, cause it can't get viruses, or it can only get 2 or 3. She said "Once you try MAC, you can't go back". I tried a MAC in school for a bit, was kinda cool, but didn't get to play around too much. So I'd need to really check it out before I decide on such a change.

Der Shygetz said...


Yes, Hashem runs our computers too. My experience came late last spring when an electrical storm knocked out my charger - or so I thought. I went to a local dealer, got the wrong charger which I had to return - and then I plugged in the old one again only to find that it worked. (Apparently it had an internal overload protector that was triggered by the storm).

Had I just had emunah and bitochon and waited, all would have been well. In the end all I lost was 2 hrs and 2 trips to an electronics store (and now I use a surge protector - someone told me they are useless but if nothing else the switch makes it easy for me to cut the power in the case of a storm).

Der Shygetz said...


Also, splicing and reconnecting the wires on a charger does not always work - don't try to do it yourself in any case.

Talmudist said...

Cool that you see events like that so positively, I'd like to take a page out of your book.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Der Shygetz: yea I have a surge protector for when I used to use a desktop, for in case there's a storm, it's supposed to protect it. Now I still have it, I just use it as a extension cord thing, to plug in my printer and other stuff.

and yea, I wouldn't try to do that myself.

Talmudist: Thanks!
Page out of my book?

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