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Jewish Professors Part 1

I’ve had surprisingly a lot of Jewish professors, some men and some women. They were all 2 types, either funny and a great professor, or just a excellent professor. I was going to write one whole long post with all the different types of Jewish professors I had. But then I realized it would be too long and no one would read it, so I’m dividing it up into parts. So here’s part 1. It won’t be in order of the classes though.

Intermediate accounting 1 and Auditing – Now this professor is a Jewish guy who’s around 60 years old. My friend from college who recently got married, actually invited him to her wedding.

I’m taking Auditing with him now. It was arranged for “Crazy Eddie”’s brother to come down to speak to the auditing students. This took place last night and I couldn’t go because I had another class. So now today this professor said that it was good I didn’t go because the presentation was horrible. He said Sam is a low life and had a horrible language, kept cursing and spoke degrading women. He said the whole staff was shocked to see Sam speak this way.

Sam had been the auditor for his brother Eddie Antar, he ratted out on the others and got out of having to go to jail. He spoke freely about not having paid millions in taxes, my professor said that it was silly of him to do so because the statute is still open forever, so he can technically be reported.

Sam singled out my professor during the speech and said that my professor would make a bad auditor because he was wearing a white shirt and tie. He said you would have to dress down to be a good auditor. My professor knew not to take it personally, but I think that was mean and perhaps racist.

Sam said they were able to trick the auditors by putting a blond up by the boxes where they would have to count the inventory, so that the blondes would distract them. So when my professor was telling this over to the us, one guy asks my professor if he would be distracted by a girl they put up there. So everyone started laughing, and my professor said that you got to do your job, you can’t get distracted. He said you have to be normal, but yet you have to be in control. Then I was thinking to myself Jews have it better in this case if they’re shomer, they would be able to do their job right without getting distracted.

Now this professor is also a good professor and tells jokes and funny stuff to keep the class awake.

to be continued…


Jessica said...

" Sam singled out my professor during the speech and said that my professor would make a bad auditor because he was wearing a white shirt and tie."
Um... why? (Also, from the description, I think I know who this professor is. lol)

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Jessica: I guess he was trying to say that auditors should dress down as not to intimidate their clients. So that the clients won't cover up in front of them. Ironically though, Sam's website is White Collar Fraud

(lol, his initials is S.S)

It's amazing what a difference professors are. Last night I had a non Jewish professor in one of my classes and he said Sam was such a great speaker, although he did use colorful language. My professor even repeated some of what Sam said and now I know what the other professor meant.

One thing he said was that the fraudsters will try to talk to the auditor nicely and everything so that they won't catch the fraud, he compared it to the way a guy will sweet talk a girl on a date to get her into the "sack".

The other thing he said was that he didn't want to go to jail, because of what they do at jail.

Der Shygetz said...


Hereby I am confirmink that is presently employ Mr Sam Antar as Chief Auditor from all non profit yet fraud organization konecktet mit Chassidis Creedmoor. As he is now inzerer reprezentatif he must to use language befit a Creedmoorer and therefore I very sorry he is usink bad language unless he use in Yiddish, Hungarian or Tzioinish.

Also I must say dat next time better der Admou"r himself to speak because he ken teach a thing or 2 even to big brother Eddie about fraud.

-Admou"r Dovid Schmoigerman of Creedmoor.

(PS: For the record, Sam Antar is Eddie's cousin, not his brother.)

Mike said...

Ooo I'm staying tuned to this thread! Sounds like this professor is a keeper, can you email me his name? Cool, I'd love to hear about your experiences with Jewish professors... it seems like there are so many frum female professors in the accounting department! As for me, this semester 3/6 of my professors are Jewish. But somehow I still had a test on Shushan Purim (like you did I see)

Lion of Zion said...


why shouldn't you have a test on shushan purim? you live in city that had a wall in antiquity?


"Sam said they were able to trick the auditors by putting a blond . . ."

my friend the denstist told his wholesaler to send him fat, ugly man so there is no chance he would be distracted during sales meetings.

"Then I was thinking to myself Jews have it better in this case if they’re shomer, they would be able to do their job right without getting distracted."

you can be shomer and still ogle

Mike said...

Lion: Well it was annoying to have to study on Purim (the day before), but you're right, this is a non-Jewish college, I can't expect my schedule to work out perfectly. Coming in on Shusham Purim was not a problem... although I have some friends who were saying it's hard to take tests when you're hungover :P

Mike said...

Oh yeah and I did some research on the course system... I see which professor you're talking about :) Good to know, I'll be taking intermediate in the fall I"YH...

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Der Shygetz: looks like there's 2 Sam Antar's one is the father and the other is the CFO which I was told is the brother. Wiki doesn't say. But could be it was his cousin, I'll have to check my cases.

Mike: lol, yea he's a good professor.
The next one is gonna be about 2 professors that your taking now!

yea last semester 4/6 of my professors were Jewish!

yea, I remember when you were telling me that you were gonna have a test on shushan purim, it was so long ago!

Lion Of Zion: lol, good thinking on your friends part then.

ahh that's true. But then if you know your not aloud to look at women, and if you were trained not to look aka chassidish people, then it would be easier?

Mike So you figured it out?
btw, I hear their changing to international standards gradually, so that means by the time you graduate you'll be learning whole different stuff. Although it's gonna first become mandatory in 2014 which is a while.

Michael Makovi said...

Funny...for me, the first thing I think of when hear "Jewish professor", is the fact that in my experience, professors of Judaism and Torah-related subjects are more spiritually edifying helpful than rabbis.

I once had a lot of fun - cynical, sardonic fun, but fun nonetheless - responding once to someone's assertion that university Jewish studies could be harmful to one's yirat shamayim and religiosity. In my personal experience, if it were only up to rabbis, I'd have left religiosity some time ago; at best, I'd be a very very confused, uncertain, and uncomfortable frum Jew. It is thanks only to university professors that I have a robust faith in Judaism to this day.

Besides the fact that their answers are more helpful, professors seem to be much more willing to help out in the first place. Email or contact a rabbi, and he'll tell you that he doesn't have time for you; email a university professor, and you'll end up having a 50- to 100-long stream of several-page-each long emails with him.

But I'm just venting my bitterness.

Michael Makovi
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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

That is a logical way of looking at it.

I was actually worried about taking a Jewish class in college, but I ended up taking it, it was with a conservative Jew, something I've never done before. It was a really pleasant and interesting experience, I'm glad I took the class.

I've never been one to contact Rabbi's or professors, so I wouldn't know. But I wouldn't put down Rabbi's like that. I know of at least one Rabbi that gave his e-mail adress out for anyone to use.

Thanks for your comment. Hope you have better experiences with Rabbi's in the future.

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