Thursday, March 12, 2009

How Was Your Purim?

I ended up fasting the whole Taanis Esther on Monday. I decided to make Hamentashen this year, for the first time, thanks to Tembow. Then I just needed a recipe, Leora shared a recipe of hers she had from the year before. So I made Hamentashen with chocolate chips in it, and I had decided to try out the white ones too.

So Monday I was making the Hamentashen, then before I put the white chocolate chips in I wanted to first taste it to see if it tastes good. So without thinking I put one in my mouth. Then five minutes later I realized my mistake, that I was supposed to be fasting. Then I remembered learning once that even if you break it by mistake you can still continue fasting, so I did that.

Below are some pictures from the Hametashen making. The first picture on the left is the raw dough in circles with the chocolate chips in them. The next picture is all of them in triangle shapes. My little brother helped me out once again with that. The third picture is of one raw hamentashen. The last picture is the final product of a baked hamentashen.

Monday I had classes throughout the day, and I had to figure out how I would catch a Megillah reading. My father had printed out for me different shul schedules with their Megillah reading times. The latest time given was 9:30, and I wasn’t sure if I would make it to that one since I got out of class at 9:15. So my parents were kind enough to pick me up from school right after class and drive me right to Megillah and I got there at 9:30 on the dot. But then of course things don’t start on time. So 9:45 it started and I came home at 10:30, that was a long day.

Then it came to Purim day, after Megillah reading I came back home and had to study for my test on Wednesday night. Now I didn’t want to miss out on the Purim fun, so I brought down my laptop, books and notes to the living room, so that I can study there and still see what’s going on. I studied for 5 hours straight!

While I was in my house I got a delivery, not a shaloch manos delivery but a UPS delivery! My first pair of crocs came. I know I’m late with it, but I decided to finally see what its all about, and it is pretty comfortable, and it’s a cool type. shaloch manos invention

Meanwhile my little brother is very creative and made an invention to help him carry the shaloch manos to deliver to neighbors. He put wheels on the bottom of a bucket, I don’t know how he did it!

Now with Shaloch manos, my favorite were the ones with real food in it. One person gave a hot dog, I had that for lunch. Then another person gave a Deli Sandwhich I had that for a late night supper. I do like candy too, but not many people sent that, and because I was a big girl I didn’t do the food fight.

Now what did I see? I saw a bunch of creative costumes. Funnily enough the first costume I saw was that of Fruity Pebble guy/Fred Flinstone. He was wearing no shirt or pants underneath his costume, and I imagine he was freezing. It’s funny that I saw this costume, cause only a few days before that Gruven Reuven shared a cartoon of that guy which I called “Fruity Pebble guy” and that caused three people to respond saying it made them feel old to see me calling him that. Trip N’ Mommy then explained to me why that made them feel old and EliPongo then shared with me a wiki page about The Flinstones.

The next costume I saw was a guy with an Obama mask, he said it cost 35 dollars! He said really funny lines. He handed out 1 dollar bills saying “This is coming out of your tax money”. He said other funny lines which I don’t remember.

Then there was a van outside of people delivering shaloch manos, and this minnie mouse character comes out of the passenger side and my mother goes over to take a picture of it. We don’t know who it is, so then a neighbor asks minnie mouse to take off the mask so that she can get a picture of the face too. Then surprise, the minnie mouse head comes off and there’s a GUY there! So my mother then recoils and says “ewww” and starts laughing. We were all expecting a girl in there and it was a shock to see a guy in a minnie mouse costume. It did not look right!

The next costume I liked was someone dressed up as "Uncle Moishy”. I thought that was the perfect costume for a young father who has little kids and friends with little kids.

Another cool costume I saw was a girl wearing an iPod costume. It was two boards sandwiching her. It made me start thinking of all kinds of other tech gadget costumes that can be made.

After I finished studying I took an hour nap then ate a quick meal by myself and then headed off to class. As I was waiting outside the classroom, a guy in my class comes over and sits down next to me on the floor and we start talking. Then he takes out a Hamentashen and starts eating it, I didn’t even notice he was eating a Hamentashen till after he said something. Now this is a guy who has long hair, no yarmulka, and doesn’t seem Jewish at all. I’m still not sure if he’s Jewish or not.

But then this other girl in the class comes with a shaloch manos in her hand so I asked her if someone at college gave it to her, and she said that she got it in the morning at work and just didn’t have time to bring it home yet. So then this guy says this thing that surprised me and made me think that maybe he actually is Jewish. He asked how you would know if the Hamentashen is Kosher if it came in a sandwich bag with no label on it. He said people could give it to each other and then pass it on, so it doesn’t even come from the person who gave it to you. So then I wondered, does that mean he got that hamentashen in Shaloch Manos? If he’s worried about Kashrus, does that mean he’s Jewish?

Purim in the Blogosphere:

I have to admit I barely read any of these yet. But I’ll start with these Purim posts and then work my way to reading more once again.

I am so Happy I created this Jewish Side blog so I can take part in the Purim spirit on blogosphere!

Hope you all had a great Happy Purim!


Jessica said...

Aw man! I knew I should have written a Purim blog! Now I won't get any free publicity!

NotaGeek! said...

I just read until the pic's.. They look yummy.. I like the way the pic's are overlapping each other.

G6 said...

Thanks for the link!
Happy "After Purim" :)

tembow said...

Thanks for the links and I'm so glad you listened to me!!!

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Yo man, in regards to the Hamantashin, I say if you're already going with chocolate chips, you might as well be a little more liberal with them (like, maybe even totally mixed with the dough).

Aaand thank you for the link!

Mikeinmidwood said...

Thanks for the link, Oh, and I wrote much more purim posts than that.

Shorty said...

Hello Jewish Side! Wishing you a lovely Shabbos!

Enjoy your new crocs! I hope they are as comfy as people say they are!

Leora said...

Thanks for all the Purim link love! Remind me about this post next year, in February, and I'll post a Purim Link Post two weeks before Purim.

My fav part of Purim was making homemade wontons with my middle son. I made the stuffing (chopped meat, grated carrots, grated cabbage, bits of ginger root), he stuffed eggroll wrappers (they didn't have the smaller wonton wrappers), and I fried them in hot oil, once on each side. Then I put them on the warming tray until it was time for our seudah. All gone!

FYI, the search term that found my blog the most this past week was: Purim!

Talmudist said...

The guy with long-hair part of the post was pretty surreal. :)

Lion of Zion said...

i leined the megillah at night at 10:30 and 11:30 (private readings though)

i just got my first pair of crocks also (the mrs. bought them in israel). they're a little different than the standard ones, but i think they're a bit big.

"my favorite were the ones with real food in it"

technically it has to have real food in it (real = something you can use for a seudah)

thanks for the link

Mrs. S. said...

Thanks for the links!
I'm glad to hear that you had an enjoyable Purim!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Jessica: o well... but I did think you wrote a very interesting post, I think I'll publicize it on my Jewish song post.

NotAGeek: Thanx!

G6: Your welcome and Thanx!

Tembow: Your Welcome, and I'm so glad too!

Shlomo: Perhaps I could have used more chocolate chips. I was afraid to use too much, that it might not close. But if it would have mixed in the dough then it would have been more like a cookie!

and your welcome!

MikeInMidwood: Your Welcome, yea I think I remember seeing more, but I guess I forgot to include them.

Shorty: Thanx for your lovely wishes!

Thanx, they actually are quite comfortable, they feel very light on your feet, so you can "fly" with them!

Leora: Your Welcome! I shall try to remember for next year, and Thanx!

The wontons sounds delicious, although I hadn't imagined they would have carrots in them. Maybe next year I'll try out that recipe! and I can imagine it being great fun for your son to help out with.

I guess Purim was a very popular word. I also read somewhere on Twitter, that "Purim" was the most popular Hashtag.

Talmudist: :-)

Lion Of Zion: I figured you would be leining. Did you also lein Shushan Purim? I heard its a segulah/zechus/mitzvah or something. Unless the person telling it to me was joking?

That's cool you got your crocs from Israel. I remember when I was there in 2006, they first came out, and my cousins wanted to buy them and they were expensive there, but cheaper than America. Mine are also different from the regular type. If you click the link you can see a picture of the ones I bought.

True, now that I think of it, people did give real stuff, I just didn't like it. Like Salads with dressings and stuff, and other adult like food.

Your Welcome!

Mrs. S.: Your Welcome and Thanx!

Moshe said...

Thanks for the link.
I was giving out real food, shoulda dropped by ;-)

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Moshe: Your welcome!

you were giving out those things that hang on the ceiling?

maybe next year :-)

Moshe said...


Next year maybe different. Shlomik's group sent a note for us to bring some "waffels" for shaloch monos. After making fun of the starfish who wrote that, apparently in Israel wafers are called wafels or something like that...waffles are actually a good idea.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Moshe: that's funny they mixed up waffles with wafers, but waffles does sound like a good idea, although that would be hard to serve fresh, and they would let home made stuff?

Moshe said...

Well, I've always employed the policy of not caring what people think/want. ;-)

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