Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday With Grandparents

Today my grandparents came over to my house to spend one last day with us before they leave back to Israel.

I cooked a supper for them, of Pepper Steak, Deli Roll, and Ambrosia.

 Pepper SteakDelli Roll Ambrosia

While at the table we were discussing many things. One topic that came up was me, of course. My grandmother decided my mother isn’t being active enough in trying to find me a shidduch, she asked me for a list of what I’m looking for, so that she can put it in the Kotel. Then she told stories of how all her children met their bashert, some of the stories I’ve never heard before. Imagine a shidduch being made at a funeral!

The next topic that came up was my little brothers upcoming bar mitzvah which will be in Israel IY”H. We are trying to work out the logistics of how everything will be working. The bar mitzvah will take place Chanukah time, so we still have some time to figure it out.

if any of you Israeli people have any ideas

Here’s the deal, my family is not a dairy person nor a salad person either, so that makes our menu limited. My brother will be leining at the Kotel in the morning of his bar mitzvah day. My grandfather wants us to have a breakfast afterwards in this cafe place. But my family doesn’t like anything on the menu! So we found this place called “Sharei Simcha” Which has meat dishes, and they would be able to give us a early lunch if we wished. But my grandfather thinks we need a breakfast for after the kotel, so if any of you Israeli people have any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated!

Then after talking for a few hours, we went for a walk and sat down at some benches. I decided to do some sky watching and took some pictures. (A shame it’s not Friday)

 PICT0093PICT0096PICT0094 PICT0095PICT0098

The men then made Kiddush L’vanah, and we sat and talked outside some more, and then returned to the house. There I brought down my laptop and showed my grandparents 5 family videos that I have made using windows movie maker. We had lots of great laughs watching them. Overall, it was a great family day!


FrumCurious said...

"I cooked a supper for them, of Pepper Steak, Deli Roll, and Ambrosia. "

My stomach is growling.

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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

;-) Thanks!

Ben said...

That sounds like a really cool family day. I love the pictures of the sunset and lightpost. It sounds like your family is very rich in culture and heritage.

Moshe said...

I second FC.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Glad you like the food! :-)

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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Thanks! Yea, we do have a culture we try to keep with.

Recent blog:=- The Drivers View

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