Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HP Tuesday --- #3

Last week Monday I had a midterm which for some reason I totally forgot about. I realized too late that I was having a midterm, and had one hour to study, so of course I did poorly on the exam, but yet was still surprised to see that I failed. I couldn’t believe it, after all I had never failed before. But yet in a way I was comforted that I had gotten a low mark, rather than getting a passing bad mark.

After taking the test, I heard everyone talking about how hard and tricky it was, so I was thinking to myself, perhaps it’s a good thing I haven’t gotten a chance to study after all, cause why waste my energy if I was going to do poorly anyways.

Then yesterday I went over to the professor, and asked her if there was a way for me to makeup the points since I did very poorly because I had forgotten about the test. So she told me that if one were to get a 40 on the first test, and then 80’s on the next 2, then obviously something went wrong with the first one, and she will only count the next 2. I told her Thank You and left feeling happy.

See I knew it was a good thing to fail, cause then on the next 2 I can only do better. Since I know what kind of tricky tests she gives, I know to study harder for the next ones, and will hopefully be able to do well on those, so it all works out! Hashem is on my side!


Leora said...

You also advocated for yourself. As Ben Franklin said, God helps those who help themselves.

Good job.

Shorty said...

Such an amazing attitude! forgetting an exam, was my worst night mare. Now i know better. I see that you do too...

good for you on speaking up!

The Babysitter said...

Leora: Thanx!
You know I was actually debating whether I should go over or not, and then decided it can't hurt. The professor is a nice Jewish woman, so I figure'd she would be good about it.

Shorty: Thanx! and Thanx!

Katie said...

Good for you! Been in that situation myself a couple times too....gotta love teachers like that

Mrs. Lakewood Falling Down said...

Your lucky to have an understanding teacher. The day after I got engaged I had an English midterm. I told the teacher that I had gotten engaged (not to get out of taking the test, I actually studied while I was getting ready for my date)and she said congratulations but you still have to take the exam!

The Babysitter said...

Katie: Thanx, yea, they are great. That's what's good about college, you can pick your professors, and with the Jewish Underground Networking System, you get to know which professors to take.

Mrs. Lakewood Falling Down: I wonder if she would have said the same thing if it was the day after your wedding. But yea, I know some teachers are very strict. Actually in 7th grade after I had come back from 2 weeks of missing school, we had a literature test, and I hadn't studied, so I didn't want to take the test, and my teacher said I had to, so I put my head on the desk and refused. (I suppose I was a baby at times)

Moshe said...

Stop reading/commenting on blogs an hour before an exam and go study!
And use google calendar to give yourself reminders.

The Babysitter said...

Moshe: lol, that's what my father said.
So I made sure that for my other 2 midterms I didn't read any blogs or comment, or do any online activity till I was done studying, and I think it really helped. Sunday I will probably have to do the same, since I have many things due for Monday.

right, so I had a reminder set, just it was set for 15 minutes before! So I have to set it for at least a day before, to have time to study.

I'm using rainleader calendar, and it's good because it's write there on the desktop screen.

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