Sunday, November 9, 2008

Jewish Song Sunday --- #3

Kinderlach: Moshiach

After going to Israel, I started to love Israeli music, so when I heard the Kinderlach I naturally loved their songs. They have a cool style to them. Their most famous song is “Everybody wants Moshiach”.


Everybody wants Moshiach
Everybody wants
Everybody wants Moshiach…

This song comes right from our heart
About Moshiach hear us out
We want him and we wait each day
Never ever stop to pray
Children, fathers, young and old
All the Jews around the world
Long for him that he should come
Oy Moshiach please come right now…

Some Technical Information:
For those that want to download the video into avi or mpeg then you can download Save 2 Pc.
If you want to download just the music from the video then you can do that at Vid 2 MP3.