Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jewish Song Sunday --- #4

Suffy: Lift Yourself Up Higher

This Album was written to help an organization called Sharsheret. I first heard about it from one of Malky Giniger’s Concerts. She had Suffy costar with her, and I thought Suffy was great, so I bought her album, and loved it.


When you’re on the road to nowhere
And there’s no one by your side
When you feel like you are utterly alone
When you see the path before you
And your confidence is tried
And you need a place to rest your tired bones

If it’s early in the morning
Or the owls are asleep
If the cold outside is colder inside you
Know that somewhere someone’s waiting
With a love that’s yours to keep
And with that your load is lighter than you knew

Lift yourself up higher
With this hope and great desire
I said, lift yourself up higher
And you’ll find your way back home

When you fight an uphill battle
And the end’s nowhere in sight
And you think that there’s no more of you to give
Know that very deep inside you
There’s a seed that wants to sow
She will plant her roots and finally start to live


Like the stars that light the sky
And the sand that salts the sea
Feel your strength get multiplied
Let the history in you set us free


Warning: Kol Isha


Shorty said...

This makes me want to skip around the room!

rickismom said...

Cute little song. Shorty, that was a good description!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Shorty: your right, come to think of it, it is that kinda tune.

Ricki's Mom: yea, it is.

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