Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jewish Song Sunday --- #5

Sheves Achim: Superman

It looks like the recent theme is Kollel. The singers Shimon and Moshe Bell are two brothers with amazing voices. They can go really high so that if you didn’t know better you would think it’s a girl singing! They have a lot of great songs, but most of them are in Hebrew, so I picked the one song that was in English. If you look at the lyrics, it has a nice message. I found out about this CD through one of Ari Goldwag’s Jewish music podcasts. He helped them out with this CD.


The little boy grew up with dreams of flying through the sky
He’d be like Superman, watching clouds go by.
There-someone in distress, swoop down and save the day.
”Just wait ‘till I grow up.” he thought, “then I’ll have my way.”
He wished he could wear glasses, protect his identity.
So what if without them he could see perfectly.
Sitting reading comic books, his thoughts would travel far.
Little did he know, one day, he’d truly reach the stars.

If we set our sights high, and in ourselves believe,
There truly is no limit to what we can achieve.
When we look to Hashem for help, then we can recognize,
How his hand is guiding us each moment of our lives.

The little boy grew older, developed into a young man,
Discovered words of Torah helped his world to expand.
This time a friend in need, a depth in Torah he’d explain.
Slowly he matured, his goals no longer were the same.
He started wearing glasses, helped him gain clarity,
In the words of the Gemara, they became his melody.
He’s learning in a Kollel now, in the Holy Land,
With his wife and family, now he’s their Superman.



frumpunk said...

I dont get this line: "He started wearing glasses, helped him gain clarity."

Are they saying they helped him learn better or that his eyesight started failing?

The Babysitter said...

Frum Punk: From what I understand, it's that at first he wanted to wear glasses just to protect his identity, and now he realized the real reason to wear glasses is to help you see better. By seeing better indirectly he would be able to learn better. You go to see what your learning.

frumpunk said...

But it said he could see perfectly without them?

The Babysitter said...

That was when he was younger. Then when he grew up I guess he needed the glasses. But come to think of it, maybe he did need glasses from straining his eyes with reading all the time.

I haven't though so much into it!
I just liked the ending where it said:
"With his wife and family, now he’s their Superman."

rickismom said...


The Babysitter said...

Ricki'sMom: Your welcome!

Anonymous said...

i dont chap what this is talking about

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