Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Wife – The Inspirer

Before I start I would like to introduce a chiddush of mine I came up with. I was inspired to write it from Frum Punks post. In short, I realized that there is a contradiction found amongst some men. In that the generalized group that don’t care how their possessions look, in the design, who only care about the practicality of the object and that it gets the job done. They are the group that cares about the looks of girls, and don’t care about what the girl can do for them.

I would always hear that the roll of the wife is to inspire and motivate her husband to do things. I never understood how this can be possible. I thought it would be as thought she were convincing him to do stuff she wants, which he doesn’t want to do, and he only does it because she asks. I remember hearing how the woman makes or breaks the house. When Hashem created Chava for Adam, the words used can be translated in 2 ways. That either the wife will build the house, or destroy it. Then there are examples in Tanach of this.

Then this week I finally realized what it meant. My little brother got in the mood to cook, for some reason he wanted to go through cook books and bake stuff. Now I had never cooked anything before, and a little while ago I had bought a cookbook to get started, and just never got around to it. So really I had wanted to cook the whole time, it’s not that my little brother convinced me to cook because he wanted to.

So then during the week I made 3 things, I had so much fun, that I told my mother I wanted to cook for shabbos. So the whole Friday, I made chullent, chicken soup, chicken, potato Kugel and challah (That is why I didn’t get to write a Parsha Post this week). Now since I never made Challah before I didn’t know there were special kneading machines that do all the work for you. So for like a half hour I was kneading the dough, which was the hardest part. Besides for that it was all fun. It was accomplishing to be able to serve my family the food I made. It was also cool to find out the trick on how they make pull apart challahs, I had always wondered how it was done. Since I was in the mood that things should look nice, I had also cleaned and set the table for Shabbos. Beforehand I had bought flowers too, so the table looked great when it was Shabbos time, it was a shame I didn’t get to take a picture.

Now the same can apply to inspiration in regard to spiritual heights. I love getting inspired to do good and to go on a higher level. It’s not that I feel the material or speaking is brainwashing me. But rather, I myself deep down always want to strive higher, and things just block me from it. So by getting inspired it supersedes the blockings and allows me to make the change to do good and strive for greatness.

Recently I came upon some inspiring posts:

I love reading inspiring posts, so as I come upon them I note them down. If I find more I’ll add them on to this post so I can have a index of them.


the sabra said...

Hey that's thrilling-thanx 'sitter!

the sabra said...

B'zechutech, I removed the comment ban on that post ;)

Rachel said...

Thanks for the link. :)

Shavuah tov.

Shorty said...

Flowers? Cooking for Shabbat?
A mensch you are! Truly! LOL

Mikeinmidwood said...

Bet that Challah tasted good.

Anonymous said...

hey i love you

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Sabra: Your welcome!
awww! Thanx! :-)

Rachel: Your welcome, Shavuah Tov to you too!

Shorty: lol, Thanx!

MikeInMidwood: Thanx, yea, it did, and my little brother had wanted to make his own Challah, so he made too, and I was surprised that his actually came out good, he had no help in making it.

Lars Shalom: umm Thanx?

Funny how all the comments so far were compliments.

the sabra said...

hysterical, actually.

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