Saturday, January 31, 2009

Parshas Bo

First off I would like to thank some bloggers. Stacy, Tembow, Leora, and another- you know who you are. (MM- Shh!). You all made me so happy this week. Stacy and Tembow thanks so much for your offers. Leora, your comment on Facebook was so nice, it made my day. Thank you Frayda, KT and Frum Punk too, for your comments that other time. I appreciate all your kind words.

I just came back from a Bar Mitzvah, where the boy gave a thank you speech and was thanking a lot of people, so I guess it’s contagious. But I really appreciate you all so much, you make me so happy!

This week instead of typing from “something to say”, I will tell over some Divrei Torah I learned in my Jewish classics class last semester. As I was sitting in shul, following a long with the Leining, I recognized some pesukim that my professor had brought up. It was about the Karbon Pesach. She mentioned how there are contradictions when you compare it to the other time it mentions the Karbon Pesach in the Torah. We then looked at Rashi to come up with an answer.

In Parshas Bo in Shemos and Parshas Re’eh in Devorim it talks about the Karbon Pesach. There are 3 main contradictions. One is the type of animal to be used in the Pesach offering, another is how this Karbon should be prepared, and another is how many days we should eat Matzos.

  1. Rashi – Bakar (Devarim 16:2), here it says you should slaughter cattle. But in Parshas Bo, it says Sheep, so which one is it? The answer is that it’s talking about sheep as the main offering, but that they should eat cattle first to be in a state of fullness when they eat the Pesach offering.

  2. Rashi – You Shall cook it (Devorim 16:7), here it says cook it, and in Parshas Bo it says Roast it, so which is it? The answer is that this means roasting by fire, that this too is termed cooking.

  3. Rashi – For a six day period you shall eat matzos (Devorim 16:8), here it says 6 days, but in Bo it says 7 days, so which is it? The answer is a deep one which teaches us through a Yotzei min Haklal, that the 7th day is not an obligation to eat matzah, and therefore the 6 days aren’t either an obligation, but rather optional. The only night that is an obligation is the first night, since it says “In the evening shall you eat matzos” (in Shemos 12:18).


Maidel said...

youre so cute!

Shorty said...

for 3) - but it is an obligation to not eat leavened bread for the 7 days correct?

Leora said...

A wonderful post of hakarat hatov: you say thank you so nicely!

Thank you for the explanations of words related to the karban pesach.

Anonymous said...

your welcome! anytime :)

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Maidel: Thanx!

Shorty: right, we can't eat chometz during the 7 days.

Leora: Thanx for saying that! and Your welcome!

Tembow: :-)

I love thanking people.

Stacy said...

Omg you really are beyond nice aren't you? And it took me like a minute to realize you meant me.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Stacy: :-) it makes me happy to be nice!

yea, I wasn't sure which name to use at first, then I decided to use the one you had as your blogger name.

DavenedByDeKoisel said...

Just love the Dvar Torahs and other sundry information that you take the time to share with us. Even though i don't always get to your stuff right away (nutty schedule),it's always a pleasure. Keep up the fine work. :-)

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

DavenedByDeKosiel: Thanx!

I wish I could have time to read all the blogs.

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