Friday, January 23, 2009

Parshas Vaeira

By last weeks Parsha I mentioned the situation in Israel, and tried to use a Posuk for comfort. But it had its complications. Now in this weeks Parsha I have a different posuk that brings a different approach. This approach is an active one, a way to be able to keep Israel with the things we do.

Something To Say:

And I shall give it you as a heritage (6:8).

The Hebrew term Morasha, heritage, appears twice in the Torah. It is first mentioned in this verse, in reference to the Land of Israel, and later in Deuteronomy 33:4, in connection with the giving of the Torah. The Torah that Moses gave us is a heritage, as stated in the expression Morasha Kehilas Yaakov, the heritage of the Congregation of Jacob. The term Morasha is used in two places to teach us that the heritage represented by the Land of Israel can remain ours only if we commit ourselves to keeping the mitzvos of the Torah.

So the trick is to keep the Mitzvos and then we will have the land of Israel. I know that sounds like easier said than done, but perhaps it can really work. If we think of it on an individual basis, of what can each of us do. If we look to improve ourselves, then it is possible.


Leora said...

This is a great response to people who think Jews think they are the Chosen People without having to do anything. We were Chosen to have the burden of the mitzvot.

Nice understanding of the word 'morasha'.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

That is a good point, I haven't thought about that part.


Shorty said...

i'm not sure i would use the term burden with mitzvot, but i do agree. We were given the opportunity to be close to Hashem, by doing the Mitzvot. we can either accept the gift (and challenge) of sticking to them, or give up saying its too hard or too restrtictive (etc)

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Shorty: right, burden might not be the right word. And that's true, we do have the choice to accept it as a gift and live up to the challenge.

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